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I'm Not Your Princess, This Ain't a Fairytale

I'm Not the One You Sweep Off Her Feet

Queen of Everything
Jenn. Twenties. California.

Has a degree in playing dress up & telling fables. Writes about damaged, broken people struggling to survive for fun. Purveyor of smut. Screams a lot about fandom & feminism.


Forever crying over two idiots in leather jackets, fictional ladies, & found families. Currently crying over everything Marvel, battle couples, lionhearted sunshine princesses, sassy secret agents, & selfless science babies.

Fanfiction Masterlist

About fanfiction: My stories may NOT be re-posted in any form; if I discover anything that is re-posted, even a translation, I will file a DCMA complaint to have it taken down and have you flagged for it. Fanworks are protected under the copyright law and I have zero tolerance for having my work stolen.

Pure Romance by Jenn

If you like my stories and want to see me post more and update more frequently, shop my online store so I can go from working three jobs to one and have more time to spend on my hobby of ruining you all with fiction.